Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Now THIS guy's story would make a heck of a movie. Yes - I'm talking about Roman Polanski

Talk about a thriller of a movie plot. Young child escapes the Warsaw Ghetto and the Nazi, goes on to become world famous movie director, then his pregnant wife is murdered by Charlie Manson's sickos, then he is arrested and charged with having sex with a 13-year-old girl he's loaded up booze and drugs, then he flees the country before his case his resolved, then more than three decades later he is arrested on a warrant issued by the LAPD, while he is in Switzerland, attending, would you believe, A FILM FESTIVAL????

You may have heard of Roman Polanski's incredible story? And how many, many people have come out in his defense? It's wild. I'd like to secure the rights for this film.

But in any event, you can be sure I'll be asking all the filmmakers I bump into what they think of 'ol Roman's plight, as he sits in a Swiss jail.

Check out this picture:

Film director Roman Polanski is seen as he leaves court in this Oct. 25, 1977 file photo taken in Santa Monica, Calif.,

Here is Roman Polanski as he looks today:


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