Friday, January 21, 2011

Day One

While the flight from Newark to Dallas (our first part of our connecting flight to Utah) was literally empty, with each one of my co-travelers having a 3 seat row to herself (they slept, I worked...can't sleep on planes...), the flight from Dallas to Salt Lake was overbooked. But there almost everyone was heading to Sundance. First person I ran into was Elizabeth Olsen,one of the stars of Peace Love & Misunderstanding which shot in Woodstock this past summer. She was heading to Sundance with two films, including Martha Marcy May Marlene. It was so nice to see her there, in different setting. I remember how nice she was when she was shooting in Woodstock (I did background work on some of her scenes and was struck then by how friendly, nice and talented she was), and I look forward to seeing her today, Friday, in Martha Marcy. She was laughing at the stark difference between these two films, one so sweet, funny and warm, and the other so dark... both are supposed to be very good.

Others we talked to on the plane were friends of Larry Fessenden who were in his film Bitter Feast which we showed in Woodstock last year, they are in a short film here this year; a couple of film financiers and music promoters from Florida (would be nice to connect them with Woodstock), a filmmaker from India with a feature in Slamdance, and that is just what I can remember off was a fun flight, though super crowded.

Getting into headquarters in Park City later than day I ran into a ton of industry friends from all over the country, which is always a good way to start another Sundance. I was happy to get both my industry and press credentials in record time, and was off to main street with my colleagues to have dinner with friends on the sparkly and festive Main street, including the wonderful WFF's long time sponsor Doreen Ringer Ross of BMI, producer Anne Walker - McBay, director Alex Holdridge and others. I expect this to have been my last and only real meal while here, so it was a good way to start Sundance this year.

Now, Friday morning, I'm off to see a couple of Press & Industry screenings and then to the premiere of Martha Marcy., followed by a slew of parties and more screenings. Will see how much I can cram into the next 20 hours before I try to catch another couple of hours of sleep.

Until next time., regards from beautiful Park City, this week's capital of independent film!

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Rattlesnake said...

thank you so much for sharing Meira - it's almost like being there! please get enought rest.
love and peace, Rattlesnake