Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sundance tid bits

Tomorrow we're going back to Woodstock. Thinking back, I remember fondly a few moments here and there. Like my conversation at the Higher Ground party with Vera Farmiga, along with her two sisters, including Taissa Farmiga who plays beautifully the young Vera in the film. The conversation was philosophical, discussing the essence of the film - a brave journey of self discovery within the closely knit community of evangelical christians.

Or the dinner at Claude and Brice Dal Farray, producers of Higher Ground. A fabulous home made dinner in their gorgeous condo in the midst of all the whirlwind here in Sundance was the perfect break from the never ending frenzy of activities here.

Or the chance encounter with Robert Randolph, the incredible musician, while at the famous BMI dinner here. This dinner is known for its musical chairs, where by after each course everyone is given a random number and gets up and moves to another table, thus changing completely the people they are seating with. Its a great dinner and a wonderful opportunity to meet people.

Among the never ending frenzy here in Park City of running around from venue to venue, brief moments like these provided much appreciated respite.