Monday, April 21, 2008

A couple more days

With only a couple of days before the Tribeca Film Festival starts, and many of the pre-fest press screenings already in full swing, I'm trying to get my bearings and begin to figure out plans for Tribeca this year. A nice friend is allowing me to stay at her apartment in the village, so thats all great, wonderful location, beautiful apartment (although the wifi there might be sketchy...), I'm feeling good about that.

This year many of the venues will be around the Village area, not far from where I'll be staying, so I'm looking forward to walking everywhere, from screening venues to screening venues, and from filmmakers hospitality lounge to party locations.I have some of my party invites in place, although I'm sure more will come within the next couple of days.

I'm going through the press & industry screening schedule now. There are so many films that I'll try to see in between meetings and parties. Shall I go to see my friend Amos Poe's new film EMPIRE II which was inspired by Andy Warhol's 1964 film EMPIRE? Its 3 hours long, but supposed to be quite magnificent. There is a special screening of the film at Tribeca, I should try to see it.

There is also my friend Tom Donahue's new art documentary GUEST OF CINDY SHERMAN which I'll definitely try to see, followed by a party.

Then there is the new narrative BALL DON'T LIE co starring our good friend Melissa Leo which I should definitely catch.

Also, the New York Governor's Office for Motion Picture & Television Development will be holding a day long event at the filmmakers lounge, I'll be sure to attend with plenty of promotional material for the festival and the film commission, trying to lure filmmakers to shoot their next film in the Hudson Valley! With record number of productions hitting our area in the next few months, it is becoming easier and easier to lure some of the best films up here.

Much more to get ready for. Until next time.

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