Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tribeca's First Day

Well, my first day has (finally) come to an end. I'm tired...Attending a film festival in NYC is unlike any other experience. You have the whole city to take into account... It takes over, and you have to try hard to stay focused, not to mention navigate everything. Last year Tribeca was all over the city, and everyone complained, so they certainly made an effort this year to keep it concentrated, but still, you have to walk at least 10 blocks from one thing to another, and trying to figure out what is where is a task all on its on.

The apartment I'm staying at, courtesy of one of my wonderful friends from Upstate, is situated perfectly not more than 10 blocks or so from most industry related venues. And so, after registering both at the press headquarters (very hard to find by the way, after finding it myself I ended up helping a few foreign press reps who were wandering about on the street totally lost, find it, as it was really sort of hidden...), and Industry Headquarters, situated in what they call The Target Filmmakers Lounge - a "red" room filled with Target red and white furniture and snacks that I really never want to eat; cookies, chips, candy...I ventured to see some movies.

The first film I saw at the Press & Industry screenings was WAR, LOVE, GOD & MADNESS. A surprisingly good documentary about the war in Iraq seen through a fiction filmmaker who was trying desperately to make a film in war torn Iraq from 2003 to 2005. The narrative he was shooting ended up being Iraq's entry to the Academy Awards that year. And the docs was very high energy and compelling, with some tragic, or painful results.

Next on the agenda was the British film A BOY. Here too I was surprised for the better. A nice, moving film, with principal actor who was, frankly, quite amazing. That guy will go far, I'm sure of it.

Coming out of the theater though I was talking to a film critic friend (whose name I should not mention here), who told me this was the first Tribeca film she did not walk out of... ouch...

Well, party at Apple Store in Soho was next on the list. And that was a fun one. Granted, the line to get in was around the block, but once you got in, it was great fun. Although I did not lay eyes on her myself, the word was that Madonna was in the house... Great party, huge space (filled with top of the line Macs, everyone, including me, was checking their e-mails), with plenty to drink and eat, and lots of filmmakers and industry folks. It was good to connect with many who I have not seen for awhile, from sponsors, filmmakers, press, industry. Good party. Oh, and my former assistant, Rachel Katz, who also travelled to Sundance with me, and who now works for Tribeca, was there as well. So how can you possibly go wrong?

Time to look through my schedule and figure out the next day. I do know I have a meeting scheduled at the Filmmakers Target Lounge at 9:00 am tomorrow, and that I have the Netflix party tomorrow night. Need to look at the rest on the agenda.

Until next time then.

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