Saturday, September 27, 2008

The film fest - parking, box office, Billy Joel, schwag, eating, etc....

One thing I love about the WFF is that each year that I have been covering it, I think, the box office and their base camp has moved around. The Colony Cafe has remained for the last few years as the media center and hq, but the box office has moved around, somewhat. This year it is just a few doors down from the Colony Cafe, on Rock City Road, just off the village green.

I went up there yesterday and they've got some great WFF schwag for sale - some nice satchels, t-shirts, hats, mugs, posters...and a $5 bin with stuff that I figure is left over from last year, but all very nice goods just the same. It's worth a visit.

And I appreciated hearing Billy Joel's classic album, "The Stranger," playing while I was hanging around.

If you are going up to the film fest, or simply visiting Woodstock, the best place to park is at the municipal lot directly across from the Colony Cafe, on Rock City Road. This parking lot offers a short walk to several of the film fest venues, including the Woodstock Community center, Woodstock Town Hall, and, a longer walk to the Tinker Street Cinema, but a lovely walk right through town all the same.

The Landau Grill serves a nice burger, and Sunflower Natural Foods offers just about every kind of health food you could ask for. Oriole 9 is a good place to eat from what I hear, though I have never dined there, and Taco Juan's is a Woodstock staple, offering some hearty Mexican food.

That's all for now.

Talk soon.


Malley said...

Oriole 9's food is terrific. My friend Shelley and I had a dinner there, when they were serving dinner, that was delicious. Creative, but not ridiculously so, and very reasonable, for the quality. I'd like to plug my very favorite restaurant, Miss Lucy's Kitchen in Saugerties. It is only a half an hour away, maybe less, going by Rt.212, and the food there is so good that you could practically just close your eyes and point to anything on the menu,and you would be happy. Mark, the chef, uses local ingredients and is the real thing. His wife, Michelle, makes the desserts, which are equally amazing.

Malley said...
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