Monday, January 21, 2008

So Melissa Leo and I were hanging out at the Picturehouse party. So many people were impressed with her work, its fantastic. There is a great review of her work in Variey -

"The movie, though, belongs to Leo, a thesp of considerable flinty character and honesty who brings all of her reserves to bear on a big, complex role. Unafraid to show herself weathered by the cold, harsh elements and never working to make auds love her, Leo builds the kind of perf that invites concentration, and then high respect".

Hanging out at the party and talking with her to Bob Berney of Picturehouse, Henry Deas of Variety, and various reporter from The New Yorker to Screen International, it was great to see her experiencing success.

Melissa, who, as an actress, gets to go to all the VIP gifting lounges, was telling me how she took her co-star, Misty, a native american actress, to the gifting lounge for the first time, even though Misty has been to Sundance many times before with native american films. Melissa was very happy to be the one to take Misty to that.

Before the party I saw three movies - FLOW; FOR LOVE OF WATER, which was great, PHOEBE IN WONDERLAND, which I liked but my friend Karen Durbin of Elle did not, and BIRDS OF AMERICA, co produced by Woodstockers Holli and Ed Gersh, which was very nice.

So, off to Variety party, which features Variety 10 directors to watch. Always a very elegant party, one of my favorite at Sundance.

Until next time.

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