Sunday, October 4, 2009

John Barry? Never heard of him.

So I'm walking down Rock City Road, away from the Colony, and this guy is walking toward me with these really cool, crazy looking sunglasses. So because I have no qualms about walking up to people cold, I just approach this guy and say, "can I take your picture for the blog I am keeping for the Poughkeepsie Journal." This guys says sure, I take his picture, and as he's walking away, he says, "Say hello to John Barry for me."

Well - giddy up!!!

Turns out this guy is Mickey Cottrell, publicist for "Neil Young: Trunk Show," who I recently worked with to arrange an interview with director Jonathan Demme. I also worked with Mickey on Neil's movie from a few years ago, "Greendale." I talked with Mickey for a good little while and learned that he's working on two other movies at the film fest, "Big River Man" and "Easier With Practice."

Good to meet you Mickey. And I really do LOVE those glasses.

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