Saturday, October 3, 2009

Move over soccer moms

When I was a kid, I played soccer, and I'll never forget this one parent being told to leave the field because they were screaming at everyone - their kid, the referee, the coach, other people's kids.

I couldn't help but think of this parent as I watched "Racing Dreams" Friday night at the Rosendale Theater.

This movie was about these three kids who raced in this go-kart league, that was kind of set up like NASCAR. Their parents spent tens of thousands of dollars and they all drove all over the place. It was pretty intense.

The movie followed three kids - Annabeth, Brandon and Josh. They drove these really low-to-the ground go karts, and EVERYONE took things pretty seriously.

The movie was good, but at 90 minutes, could have been an hour, and could have focused more on racing and what went on at the track. They went WAY too deep into Brandon's father, an ex-con who was a no good drug binger.

And this whole back and forth between Annabeth and Brandon liking each other was really silly and distracting. But Brandon was a bad boy, getting disqualified on the track, shaving his head, you know the type.

Overall, a good movie, but just Ok.

So - back to the parents. Annabeth's dad and mom, and Josh's dad, were all a little ridiculous in how seriously they took this whole thing. But Brandon's grandfather was the one in charge of his whole racing scene, and that was a nice dimension to the story.

But I still couldn't help thinking about that parent thrown off the field when I was a kid.

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