Saturday, October 3, 2009

No karaoke?

So I was in the lobby of the Bearsville Theater Thursday night, posting photos from Woody Harrelson's appearance at the Tinker Street Cinema, and the movie there had just ended, and folks were filing out, and this woman walks up to me, stomps to a halt, and loudly asks, "No karoake?"

The Bearsville Theater each Thursday hosts Miss Angie's Karaoke, but not this Thursday, because of the film festival.

Now - I was too busy posting those photos to really tell that woman where it was at, but if you take a very quick ride through Woodstock with one eye closed, it's going to be pretty hard not to notice this little film festival they've got going on. Not to mention that there is a HUGE TENT at the entrance to the Bearsville Theater and like many signs for the, ahem, "WOODSTOCK FILM FESTIVAL."

So I'm trying to post my photos and I quickly tell this woman what the deal is, but she doesn't just go away, she tells me to move over on the bench where I am sitting, so she can sit too. This was my big mistake.

While I'm scrambling to post my photos of Woody Harrelson, before the theater shuts down, or my battery dies, this gal tells me:

- she is buying the Woodstock laundromat, the one near the library
- she will turn it into a "green" laundromat. With all those chemicals to clean the clothes, I ask? Yes, she said. They will be "green" laundry chemicals. Ok??!
- Her father was a tug boat captain and the laundromat will have a tug boat theme
- She recently bumped into actor Liam Neeson in New York City on three separate occasions and thinks there might be some bigger connection happening with him. She asks if I know Liam Neeson. I say no. Actually, she spent a lot of time trying to convince me his name is Liam Nillson

Finally, FINALLY, this couple comes over to admire one of Elliott Landy's pictures of Janis Joplin on the wall, and this gal turns to them and says, "I KNOW YOU!"


I pack up my computer as quickly as I can, tell Bearsville Theater manager Lisa Hantes she's got a live one and head to New World Home Cooking for the after-party.

Now, I've got to get to the music in film panel with Jonathan Demme, whose film, "Neil Young: Trunk Show," screens at 4:30.

Smell ya later.

And just to recap for those following along at home. There was no karaoke at the Bearsville Theater.

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