Saturday, October 13, 2007

Fun, fun, fun with the Felice Brothers

The last time I was at the Colony Cafe prior to the film fest was for a Felice Brothers concert. There was singing, there was swaying, there was shouting, there was dancing, there was sweating, there was fire, there was flame and there was Simone on the drums and Big Jim on the accordion.

Like a crisp fall day or swim in the Mill Stream in July, the Felice Brothers have captured the true essence of the Hudson Valley, bottled it and somehow managed to morph it into song and spirit.

These guys with the rough-edge and retro-trucker hats will perform at the Colony Cafe tonight, as part of the Wacbiz-programmed live music here. Love them or hate them, you can be assured of a rowdy hootenanny of an evening. Keep your eyes on Simone. He's always got a trick hidden under his trucker baseball hat.

And I was interested to know that festival co-founder and director of development Laurent Rejto has made a Felice Brothers music video.

The video is for the song, "Trouble Been Hard." Laurent has known Simone "for a bit," he said and mentioned that Simone performed at the very first WFF kickoff party back in 2000.

Laurent is a fan of The Pogues, Tom Waits and The Clash - and he likes The Felice Brothers...

"Kind of the down and dirty."

Laurent said he enjoys The Felice Brothers and these other bands because they are all bout "The underbelly of life explored in kind of in a palatable way."

From there, Laurent spoke of another musician he enjoys, Jackes Brel from Belgium.

"He used t sing about the whores of Amsterdam, these really sordid stories, but it's kind of working class. It reaches the working man and it's about real life. It's not fake -it's not Britney Spears.

Working with the influence of Hungarian Cinema, Laurent said, the Felice Brothers video was "An impromptu thing which was fun and became its own adventure, which is perfect because it captures The Felice Brothers.

This shoot, he said, "was so much about impromptu shootoing and sticking the camera out the window and making the guys feels comfortable.

Watch this video, Laurent said, and "You’ll get to appreciate they're down and dirty ways, but also that pathos that comes with them."

Laurent said the whole approach to the video at the film fest would be low key. It wasn't in the program and he wasn't sure when it would be shown.

By the by, that's Laurent. And those are The Felice Brothers.

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