Friday, October 12, 2007

Rosendale Theater

Running around Woodstock for the weekend, I can forget about the other towns and theaters that play such a crucial role in the Woodstock Film Festival and how it's nice, I think at least, the festival folks spread the wealth around the Hudson Valley.

So I dashed down to the Rosendale Theater after the "Midnight Kiss" flick, in hopes of meeting up with Michael, whose family has owned the Rosendale Theater for decades. Now, in the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I have lived twice in Rosendale, in separate apartments, one of which was diagonally across from the theater. On many nights, I would just saunter over there by myself and evaporate from the world for a couple of hours. AAaahhhh. I miss those days.

The Rosendale Theater is an old casino, from the days when Rosendale was like a wild west frontier was home to the men who worked at the local cement mine and it was also home to a lot of bars and brothels, one of which, I am told, occupied the first apartment I lived in, in Rosendale, across from the Bell Tower.

Just check out vintage candy machines in the lobby. Nice....

Anyway, I also met my wife in Rosendale and enjoy eating at the Rosendale Cafe and the town in general because it reminds me of another town I used to live in, Piermont, NY, just south of Nyack in Rockland County.

So, I missed Michael by five minutes, I was told by his father. So I will have to catch up with him Saturday. But you should know that movies are being shown all weekend at the Rosendale Theater, in Rhinebeck at Upstate Films and in Catskill.

I was also reminded when I was in the lobby in Rosendale that they are having a very special limited engagement run of "Desert Bayou," beginning next Friday, Oct. 19. This movie analyzes the fallout of Hurricane Katrina. The poster, as you can see, is omionous, which I like in a movie poster. I guess we can see the direction this movie will take with the chatter on the poster: "The most devastating thing about Katrina is what it revealed about America."

I am home in Stone Ridge after Rosendale for a brief check in with the life I dropped to cover the film fest, and to feed the cat.

Now, I am off to the Colony Cafe for live music with Revision and Mechanical Bull. Check back tonight for pictures of both these bands and the concertgoers.


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