Friday, October 12, 2007

Rise and Ready or how you can call me Betty

Ok. I'm up. I'm fried. But I've got a hot cup of tea, the first of probably about 6-7 cups of caffiene that will starring in my movie this morning.

Congratulations to Vice President Al Gore on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I know Ol' Al has been barking about global warming since his days as the senior?junior?eighth-grade Senator from the fine state of Tennessee, but seeing as we are in the thick of the Woodstock Film Festival, I think we all need to realize that the public at large only took notice of "You Can Call Me" Al because of a MOVIE! Namely, "An Inconvenient Truth."

Nice going gang.

The sun is trying to peek out here in Stone Ridge, where I live, but it looks chilly.

Next stop, Woodstock!
But for now...helllllllo caffeine!

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