Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let Them Chirp Awhile

The rain was pounding Thursday night and I was THIIIIIIS close to calling it a day when I remembered that Jonathan Blitstein had given me a ticket to his film, "Let Them Chirp Awhile," to be shown at 9:30 p.m. at the Tinker Street Cineman.

Did I mention that I stepped in a puddle in the dark in my sneakers?

So my feet are soaked, but I realize that THIS is what I love about the Woodstock Film Festival. Stumbling across movies for one reason or another- it fits into my schedule, my wife wants to see it, I like the blurb, I like the still - is THE reason that I make time for the Woodstock Film Festival. It's all about coincidence and timing. Which, in my opinion, is what really makes the world go round.

Anyway, before reading any further, please scroll down and read my post from Thursday day about Jonathan, to whom I was introduced to by Meira Blaustein, executive director of the film fest. This guy should be the subject of a movie.

Anyway, his movie rocked hard. The writer dude in the movie reminded me of Jason Schwartzman in "I Heart Huckabees" or Zach Braff in "Garden State." Good stuff. Great stuff. I loved it this much. Go Jonathan. Just don't forget Woodstock when you are accepting that Oscar.

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