Sunday, October 14, 2007

Peanuts group therapy session

A documentary about Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, "Good 'Ol Charles Schulz," shown Saturday night, was a multi-dimensional, psychological anlaysis of the loved illustrator that dissected the many angles of his personality through the characters he created.

Interviews with Schulz's children, widow and colleagues revealed a man who WAS Charlie Brown.

I found myself feeling guilty for looking at Charlie Brown all those years as that sorry loser, the kid who can't kick the football, the kid who can't control the actors in the Christmas play and the kid who buys the pathetic Christmas tree. I learned during the film that Schulz looked at himself as that sorry, pathetic kid.

Some revealing moments in the came during interviews with the woman who was "the little red-haired girl," in the comic strip, who Charlie Brown has a crush on but can't work up the nerve to talk to. It turns out she had dumped Shultz. A funny moment came during an interview with Linus Maurer - a former colleage of Schulz's from the art institute where they both taught. An even funnier moment came when the film showed a picture of THE Charlie Brown - Schulz's colleague from the art institute who inspired him to draw you know who. I can't remember who said it, Schulz or someone else, but the line of the movie was about the real Charlie Brown - "The real Charlie Brown had a round head. He did."

Of course, I felt a little bit like Charlie Brown myself as I thought this movie was being shown at the Woodstock Community Center when in fact, it was at Town Hall. I only realized my mistake after watching several minutes of "Caroline By Committee." The 10 minutes I watched were hilarious.

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