Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wow, I'm getting paid to go to movies ...

Without further ado, here is my Woodstock Film Festival schedule. See if you can keep up:

4-6 p.m. -- Cocktail reception (top secret location, sorry!)
8:30 p.m. -- Screening of "Dark Matter" starring Meryl Streep and Ulster County resident Aidan Quinn at Bearsville Theater
10 p.m.-? -- Opening night gala (also top secret)

Noon -- Interview at The Colony Cafe with attorney Steven Beer, who most recently was counsel on "This Film is Not Yet Rated" and producer on "Strange Culture." Beer is speaking at Friday's Entertainment Law panel at 2 p.m. at Utopia Studios in Woodstock.
2 p.m. -- Screening of "How to Cook Your Life" at Tinker Street Cinema in Woodstock
6 p.m. -- Reception for the photography exhibition, "Fear and Loathing in Mexico ... Hunter S. Thompson," at East Village Collective
7 p.m. -- Screening of "Oswald's Ghost" at Upstate Films in Rhinebeck
9:30 p.m. -- Screening of "Reservation Road" at Tinker Street Cinema (yes I realize this driving schedule looks crazy)

10 a.m. -- Amazing Women in Film panel featuring Mary Stuart Masterson at Utopia Studios
Noon -- Screening of Shorts Program 5, which includes "High Falls," at Rosendale Theatre
1:45 p.m. -- Screening of Masterson's directorial debut, "The Cake Eaters" at Bearsville Theater in Woodstock (another crazy driving schedule)
3 p.m. -- Opening reception for "Dylan: The Woodstock Years, 1963-1970" at Lotus Gallery in Woodstock
5 p.m. -- Screening of Shorts: Animation at Woodstock Town Hall
6:15 p.m. -- Back to Lotus Gallery for the judging of the Dylan look-a-like contest
9:30 p.m. Awards ceremony followed by party (another secret location)

10 a.m. -- Actor's Dialogue panel

The schedule doesn't even include the time spent chatting up filmmakers at The Colony Cafe. I'm exhausted just typing this ...


Unknown said...

Check out the trailer for the film Oswald's Ghost at and on Facebook too

Kathleen Murray said...

Thanks Laura. Are you going to any of the Woodstock Film Festival screenings of "Oswald's Ghost?"

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Unfortunately, I won't be in the area, Kathleen!