Saturday, October 13, 2007

WAMC at the Woodstock Film Festival

Anyone who listens to Albany-based Northeast Public Radio knows Julia Taylor, a co-host of three-hour morning program, The Roundtable.

I first met Julia last year, when the Dalai lama thrilled thousands at Andy Lee Field, just up the road from the Colony Cafe, with a public talk. She covered the event for WAMC - which you can hear on 90.9 and 90.3 FM in these parts, as well as, - as the Hudson Valley correspondent, but has since been promoted to Roundtable host. On The Roundtable, you can hear her yukking it up with Joe Donahue and my former college professor, Alan Chartock, who is the chairman of Northeast Public Radio and let me tell you, a brilliant political scientist.

I know. I had a lecture with him once a week when I was an intern at a weekly newspaper he runs, The Legislative Gazette, in Albany. So in some small or large way, I have Alan Chartock to thank, or blame, for my sizzling career in journalism!

Anyhow, I bumped into Julia on Thursday and she told me she was at the film fest to do reporting for the weekly show she hosts on WAMC, "51 Percent." It's a show about women and Julia was in town to speak with women filmmakers.

Early this afternoon, I saw Julia chatting it up with Mary Stuart Masterson outside Utopia Studios, where Ms. Masterson had just participated in a panel discussion on, you guessed it, "Amazing Women In Film."

You also might be interested to know that Julia enjoys Bread Alone in Woodstock, the Semolina bread in particular. And of course, I had to ask her what her favorite movies were. She said, "Pinnocchio," "West Side Story," "Singing in the Rain" and one of my favorites as well, "Garden State."

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Alan here. Finally I get the recognition that I deserve :).