Saturday, October 13, 2007

Peace, Love and Pizza

I had about 15 minutes to grab a bite between filing my last post from earlier today and arriving at Utopia Studios for a 4 p.m. panel discussion on music in film. So I headed to Catskill Mountain Pizza.

As I was walking in I saw this guy with a film festival "Industry" pass scarfing down a slice that was heavy on mozzarella. I opted to forego the slice to ask him some questions and I left feeling I had a more rewarding experience than if I had gone for the stuffed meat slice that I had my heart set on.

So it turns out that this guy's name was Gill Holland from Louisville, Kentucky. My first question was, "I hope you're a subscriber to the Courier-Journal, which is the daily paper there and like the Poughkeepsie Journal, owned by Gannett.

He said he was a subscriber, so we moved on, both feeling a little better, I think.

Turns out that Gill is a producer who has worked on movies starring Ned Beatty - "Sweet Land" - which won a Spirit Award, handed out the night before the Oscars, for the best independent film. Not bad.

Gill is a juror for the film fest and spoke highly of the Woodstock Film Festival, in the same breath as the Toronto, Sundance and Telluride flick fests.

"Sundance has become such a zoo," he said. "For networking, it's great, because it's casual."

As we were chatting and as I was keeping Gill from his slice, Jason Kliot walked in, ready to pick up a pie with a spelt crust he had ordered. Jason has worked with Steven Soderbergh, Brian De Palma and Jim Jarmusch and echoed Gill's thoughts on the film fest.

"There is a special flair to a regional festival where the priority is offering a chance just to see films."

In this picture, taken by moi, Kliot is on the left, Holland on the right. Bon appettit!

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