Friday, October 3, 2008

Back to Pride and Glory

So there was this scene in "Pride and Glory" with Colin Farrell, playing a corrupt police officer, is trying to squeeze information out of some really, really bad guy.

Colin and his partner burst into this apartment John Wayne style, kick down the door, blah blah blah, and just start destroying the place. At one point, a woman emerges from a room holding a baby. Colin sucker punches the mom and takes the baby. Then, to squeeze and squeeze, he tells his partner to call child protective services and tell them that they have a baby with major burns, then Colin, old boy, takes the baby over to the ironing board and threatens to burn this newborn. it was an incredibly intense scene and one, I think, that really crossed the line of bad taste and simple indecency.

I love a good shoot-em-up thriller movie, but this was really tasteless.

The director after the show said everyone was dreading the day of shooting that scene.
The director's brother, who I think edited the film, said the entire picture was aimed at a sophisticated audience. I found it hard to reconcile that.....But maybe it's just me.

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