Thursday, October 2, 2008

Bela Fleck involved with a banjo movie?

I noticed a Nevessa mobile recording truck outside the Bela Fleck concert last night, so I inquired with WFF Developmental Director Laurent Rejto and he introduced me to Marc Fields, who filmed last night's concert for a documentary on the banjo.

That's Marc.

Marc is working with banjo great Tony Trischka, who I believe was greatly involved with Bela's early career, on "The Banjo Project: The Story of America's Instrument." Click here to go to the Web site for this film.

Marc met Tony when he was working for public television in New Jersey, on a program that highlighted the arts. He's hoping to release the movie in 2010.

Bela's involvement with this movie follows the movie that is screening today at the WFF, "Thrown Down Your Heart"; and "Obstinato: Making Music for Two." Obstinato won the 2004 WFF award for best short documentary. Both of Bela's films were made by his brother, Sascha Paladino.

"Obstinato" and "Thrown Down Your Heart" both focus around the banjo.

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