Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Quinn siblings score big in Rosendale

The Irish are taking over this film festival. First it was "Eden," now it's "32A," which, to quote the main character of the film, 14-year-old Maeve, "it was GRAND!"

These characters were real, the parallel story lines were gripping, and anyone who loved or hated their teenage years will identify with the rebellion, the clique of friends, the boyfriend or girlfriend, fake ID, hassling with the folks and getting punished. Marian Quinn, above at the q and a, directed; her brother, High Falls resident and actor Aidan Quinn, starred in the film.

Anyone who was young in 1979 will identify with Maeve's brother solving the Rubik's Cube and Maeve receiving Joe Jackson's "Look Sharp" record as a gift for her 15 birthday.

What a movie. I loved it, loved it, loved it.

I asked Aidan Quinn during the Q and A after what it was like working with a script that contained so little dialogue for his character, Maeve's Dad. He said jokingly, "when your sister is the director, you do what your told."

P.S. - Aidan's High Falls neighbor, Gerry Leonard, scored the movie, which, to again quote Maeve, was "BRILLIANT!" Gerry's gentle touch went a long way. Click here to read about Gerry and the movie, and to hear Gerry play his original composition, "The Getaway."

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this movie -- it sounds like a good story. But I like just about anything with Aidan Quinn in it anyway, much more than mainstream movies. Glad that Marian Quinn was able to realize this project, I heard that it took years to put everything in place.