Sunday, October 5, 2008

Throwing the script to Jaws in the fire

I had heard in the past of the bits and pieces of Lee Marvin's connection to Woodstock, but this Hollywood bad boy's widow really filled in the dots when she presented an award at the awards ceremony Saturday night.

I didn't know that:

- Lee Marvin vacationed in Woodstock with his family as a boy
- He was obsessed with fishing and honed his love in the many streams of the Catskill Mountains
- He served in the Marine Corps during World War II, in the Pacific Theater
- In 1945, his family bought a home in Woodstock
- He acted for the first time in a Maverick Theater production in Woodstock, earning $7 a month for playing the lead
- The couple married in 1970
- Lee Marvin was a stickler for narrative
- After reading the script to Jaws, which I guess could have been his, though I'm not sure which role, he began hurling expletives from his mouth before hurling the script into the fireplace
- When making "The Big Red One," he eithe cut his dialogue altogether or gave it to another actor, because his "character just wouldn't say it."

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