Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My apologies to Bogey and Bette.

I am ashamed to say that I forgot to mention that I watched a ridiculously great movie Saturday night that starred one of my favorites, Humphrey Bogart. The movie was "The Petrified Forest," and it had it all - Bogey as a gangster, Leslie Howard as an upper class drifter, a lonely lunch joint in the middle of the Arizona desert, and beautiful Bette Davis, who I am sorry to say I know only as a bitter old woman far, far past her prime as an actress and a person.

This movie was made in 1936. Bette's dad runs the lunch joint, she wants to escape to France, Bogey is on the lam, Bogey takes hostages, the meathead pumping gas is constantly hitting on Bette, but she resists, falling in love with the drifter. THE most interesting aspect of this movie was that Leslie Howard - I never heard of him - got top billing, with Bogey number four in the final credits.

I'm hoping to see some similar movie magic this week in Woodstock.

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