Thursday, October 2, 2008

THIS is why I come to the Woodstock Film Festival

So I just saw the movie "Eden" at the Bearsville Theater. The only reason I went to see it is because it fit into my schedule. In fact, I had crossed it off my list because of the synopsis.....

"Award winning Irish actress Eileen Walsh shines as the lonely wife at the brunt end of a failing marriage in Declan Recks beautifully rendered adaptation of Eugene O'Brien's play. Billy and Breda's 10th anniversary is rapidly approaching and as the hours tick on and the couple begins to plan their big date, their problems begin to rise to the surface. Billy, a boozer with a keen desire for an affair with a younger woman, begins to fall out of sync with the hopeful Breda, who is desperately trying to rekindle the spark of their love. Once nightfall sets, all hell begins to break loose and the couple's destructive habits might damage their relationship forever. Featuring gorgeous cinematography that surveys both the greens of the landscape and the neons of the nightlife in their small town, this powerful and searing character drama quickly etches its place in the classical tradition of masterworks like "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?"

....This sad, sad synopsis turned me off. I mean, I enjoy movies to cheer myself up. And the fact that this is an Irish movie just sealed the deal. I am Irish and well-versed in our tragic, sad and sorry history. I didn't need to see it played out on a screen fo 90 minutes. It's kind of the same reason I have never read Frank McCourt's "Angela's Ashes."

Whether it's the British or ourselves conquering ourselves, the Irish have a pretty tragic history.

But I went because it fit into my schedule. And it was better than great. I walked out of the theater 45 minutes ago and I still feel like I want to burst into tears. This movie was SO SAD. It didn't let up. Not once. This movie didn't make me feel good at all, but it was a great story, and THAT made me feel good.

Bravo Woodstock Film Festival. And let's hear one for the Irish. Perhaps we're starting to deal with ourselves in tiny ways here and there. Tomorrow, we take on the Brits!!!

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