Friday, October 3, 2008

Malley speaks

Malley Bragg is one of the best things on WDST. She talks movies each Tuesday morning at 8:30 with Greg Gattine and the morning folks.

She typically sees all the movies in advance and this year is campaigning for "Gospel Hill."
"I think it's one of the most beautiful, lyrical and socially relevant films. I've seen it twice."

And she'll be seeing it again this weekend.

This film is about a small town in South Carolina that was the birthplace of a civil rights activist who was murdered, 40 years prior to when the film takes place. The mystery of who shot is still unsolved although, according to Malley, the sheriff who may have some knowledge of whodunit.

More to come from Malley this weekend. She was off to take her ill dog, Wavi-Jodi, to the vet. Send the good vibes along.....

And she and Gattine will broadcast live from the film fest Saturday. I'll get you that time later.

Pressed on what other movies are worht seeing, Malley said, "There are too many too pick." But she did recommend "Idiots and Angels" and "Guest of Cindy Sherman."

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