Friday, October 3, 2008

Forget the WFF. How about the JWBFF

I've just announced the John W. Barry Film Festival. The first annual, in Stone Ridge, and it is not open to the public, except for my wife and my cat.

My two latest Netflix arrivals will be screened - Michael Moore's "Sicko" and "The Odd Couple" television program, season 2, disc 4. Obscene amounts of Chinese take-out food will be inhaled. I'll let you know how it goes.

More later. I'm going to catch that film. Then I will collapse from exhaustion.

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Malley said...

Amazing! My husband Tom and I are going to have our own festival after this, as well, also courtesy of Netflix, only we are going to watch season 3 of Cracker, Robbie Coltrane's series where he plays a psychcologist who between his gambling addiction and alcoholism, is almost as crazy as the murderers he profiles for the local police. Wavi-Jody will be there, too, hopefully recovering.